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House of Lies

  • The Gods Of Dangerous Financial Instruments

    • Season 1
    • Episode 101
    Marty and The Pod travel to New York to consult for MetroCapital, a mega-bank that is looking for a plan to unscrupulously justify taking their year-end bonuses as the financial world around them b...
  • Amsterdam

    • Season 1
    • Episode 102
    Marty and The Pod are sent to a very powerful sports franchise in Phoenix to clean up a mess caused by the owners' impending divorce. Once there, Jeannie takes a dinner meeting with Derek, an old ...
  • Microphallus

    • Season 1
    • Episode 103
    Marty arrives at the Galweather offices to find Greg Norbert there announcing the possible acquisition of Galweather by MetroCapital. The Pod then flies to Indiana to consult for a beverage compan...
  • House of Lies - Wonders of the World

    • Season 2
    • Episode 8
    Jeannie meets an unlikely suitor, Nate, when consulting with an adult toy company. While on the engagement, Doug is struck with inspiration for a wild gift idea for his new girlfriend. At home, Ma...
  • House of Lies - Stochasticity

    • Season 2
    • Episode 1
    Marty and the Pod adjust to the "new" Galweather Stearn in the aftermath of a sexual harassment scandal. Interim CEO, Julianne Hofschraeger, needs Marty to live up to his reputation of being a fea...
  • Veritas

    • Season 1
    • Episode 108
    Marty and The Pod take part in the annual Galweather-Stearn recruiting event, where the best and brightest from ivy-league business schools are wined and dined.
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