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  • CID - Adrush Zeher - Episode 762 - 24th September 2011

    • Season
    • Episode
    The first thrilling investigative series on Indian Television, is today one of the most popular shows on Sony Entertainment Television. Dramatic and absolutely unpredictable, C.I.D. has captivated ...
  • CID - The secret of the deadly chest - Episode 429

    • Season 3
    • Episode 429
    Actress Khushi buys a house but soon realizes that this house has a dark history behind it. She stumbles upon a chest which is full of valuables but burns her hands as the valuables are smeared wit...
  • Mystery of the dead passenger - Episode 492

    • Season 4
    • Episode 492
    There is always some complication when CID start to investigate. This time a lady has been found dead in a train and the body is completely inflexible. More so, a girl has suddenly gone missing fro...
  • Secret of the Code 571E1115 - Episode 415

    • Season 2
    • Episode 415
    Secret of the Code 571E1115 is another special CID episode where a deadly virus which could wipe out an entire city. Watch the entire team try to figure out the code and stop such a disaster from h...
  • The invisible eye witness - Episode 430

    • Season 3
    • Episode 430
    Sudeep is murdered and his body is chopped into five pieces. Further, each of his body parts is planted in the homes of his wife and business partners. The case comes along with certain revelations...
  • Zehrily Dress - Episode 550

    • Season 5
    • Episode 550
    The personal and professional life of people gets mixed up and then jealousy occurs. What happens when a conflict is carried on from the past?
    The first thrilling investigative series on Indian Tel...

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