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Kdenlive Tutorial Play

Kdenlive Tutorial is a non-professional basic intro to USING Kdenlive. Very basic. In Part 01 I begin with the basic tool of 'Cut Clip' using no shortcuts. In Part 02 I describe context menus, shortcuts, and the extra toolbar. Part 03 I try to show how to sync audio of clips from two different cameras (unsuccessfully) using Kdenlive's 'Sync Audio To Reference'. I manage to sync them manually off screen and show how to place two videos side by side on the final video.

Appalachian Trail 2011 Play

2011 AT thru-hikers & section hikers, and an occasional day hiker. Long Trail thru-hikers, section hikers, and the occasional day hiker. 2011

Hikers Play

Solo hikers, including myself; day hikers; cross country hikers, are apt to show up here.

Department of "Correction" Play

One man's take on two years of incarceration in the Winslow Facility of the Arizona Department of Corrections
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