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Children of Tsunami - March 2005 compilation Play

The Asian Tsunami 2004 left a trail of destruction in South Asia and Southeast Asia. Picking up from where the news media left off, Children of Tsunami tracks the recovery of eight affected families in the four hardest hit countries. TVE Asia Pacific's locally based TV journalist teams will be revisiting them once every month, until December 2005. This is a compilation of the March stories. We see the families forced to adapt to their radically changed lifestyles. Mala's father is bedridden, and her mother has to support the family as best she can. Selvam's father is still indifferent to the plight of his children, and wants to remarry, forcing his eldest son to turn breadwinner. Heshani's father remains jobless, and the family lives on government rations. Theeban is afraid to return to his tsunami-ravaged school, and instead apprentices at a motor garage. Beam's mother tries to bring up her two children by herself, while Bao leaves his job as he is overworked, and tries catching crabs. Some families are making progress: Putri is able to leave the refugee camp and go back to her old home, and Yenni can turn to her new-born cousin and try to forget the sorrow of her lost sisters.

Digits4Change Play

There are more poor people in the Asia Pacific than in all other regions combined. At the same time, some Asian countries have achieved the most advanced economies in the world. How can the developing countries of Asia use the Information & Communication Technology (ICT) to help generate wealth, create more jobs and improve livelihoods of people? Digits4Change presents six ICT success stories that have changed people's lives in Asia. This will be an on-going series.

Teleuse@BOP 2008 Play

Pradip Gogoi & Purni Gogoi
Tunijan, Lakhimpur Dist., Assam, India

Sayar Singh, 33
Pushkar Nala, Rajasthan, India

Judy Baltazar, 29
Baguio city, The Philippines

Lourdes Casipit, 57
Pasig City, Metro Manila, The Philippines

Soledad Alvis, 55
Santa Rita, Pampanga, The Philippines

Chamara Pahalawattage, 18
Gonapola, Sri Lanka

Kittipong Sangsri, 19
Bang Chak, Bangkok, Thailand
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