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The Funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales - 6th September 1997 Play

The contents of a VHS video I recorded on Saturday 6th September 1997 of Princess Diana's funeral from the time her body left Kensington Palace on the gun carriage to the time it arrived at her childhood home for burial more than six hours later. In 2007, I decided to electronically encode it and share it. Apologies for the quality, the tape has deteriorated with age and I was also a rookie at video encoding at the time and would not use the method I used for these videos again.

Anyway, it was a highly emotional and poignant moment in British and world history and I hope you enjoy watching the tribute to the popular and much loved royal figure. In the later parts, there is analysis of the reaction of the British public to the funeral.

Martyn Gregory's Diana Inquest Reports Play

Martyn Gregory, author of the acclaimed book about the death of Princess Diana, "Diana: The Last Days" reported for Sky News on the goings-on at the Inquest throughout its six month duration. These five clips provide analysis and a summary of what went on over five weeks in February and March 2008.

The Diana Conspiracy - 2004 Documentary Play

2004 Documentary by author of the acclaimed book: "Diana: the Last Days", Martyn Gregory examines in detail the allegations made that she died in a plot. Shortly after this film was made, the Coroner leading the inquests in Diana and Dodi's deaths decided to call in the police to investigate the allegations. Gregory's position turned out to be entirely vindicated three years and £3.69 million later. Refusing to give up despite this drubbing, a lengthy inquest was held in 2007 and 2008 before a Jury which returned a verdict that similarly agreed: Diana's death was nothing more than a tragic accident and the allegations of foul play were entirely without evidence.
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