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  • Alex Jones Describes Barack Obama Better Than Ted Nugent

    Alex talks about the real Barack Obama and what a failure puppet he has become.


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  • Is Obama Full Of It On Drone Strikes?

    "The online news venture backed by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar debuted Monday, featuring fresh revelations about US intelligence from investigative reporter Glenn Greenwald. The news site dubbed "T...
  • Assad to RT: 'I'm not Western puppet - I live and die in Syria' (EXCLUSIVE)

    • by RT
    • 1 year ago
    In an exclusive interview with RT, Syrian President Bashar Assad said that Syria is not going through a civil war, but rather a different kind of war -- terrorism through proxies - FULL SCRIPT: htt...
  • Whistleblower Award - Jacob Appelbaum answers for Edward Snowden

    Whistleblower Award 2013 - Ceremony awarding Edward J. Snowden

    Jacob Appelbaum, Internet activist and journalist answers for Edward Snowden

    Edward Snowden receives the Whistleblower Award. For th...
  • CrossTalk: NATO's Deadly Reach

    • by RT
    • 6 months ago
    What is the purpose of the NATO alliance today? What threatens this alliance? Why does NATO need to continue to expand? What is NATO's interest in Ukraine? CrossTalking with Martin McCauley, Riccar...
  • StormCloudsGathering

    • 222 videos
    News, politics, geopolitical analysis and philosophy for those who like to think outside the box. New videos every week day.
  • Syria,Putin and Iran??? Vs ( The Cabal )

    Breaking News Syria finds the biggest Gas reserve in the world.
    You WONT find this story on mainstream or alternative news just yet.
    Battle lines are being drawn
    Lines have been drawn, a war is no...
  • Is there any Americans who can honestly claim to live in the"Land of the free"Today? Look at the damage bush & obama have done to please they.re zionist masters,The whole World knows that bush lied about Iraq,Think of the amount of innocent civilians who died because of these lies,Thousands of u.s troops died because of lies,Now obama is murdering innocent civilians with his beloved drones, He.s funding Alqaeda in Syria,Is this not like spitting on the graves of people who were killed on 9/11.?

    NSA Blackmailing Obama? | Interview with Whistleblower Russ Tice

    Abby Martin talks to Russell Tice, former intelligence analyst and original NSA whistleblower, about how the recent NSA scandal is only scratches the surface of a massive surveillance apparatus, ci...
  • The fact that obama & his deranged buddies went crazy because of what Ed Snowden did just proves how much they,re hiding from the American people,If what the u.s government was doing was no big deal why would they be so worried about what Snowden said or did,nt say to the Chineese & the Russians, Snowden showed people living in the u.s how bad the u.s government has become, Can any American claim to live in the "Land of the free" Today? These deranged politicians need to be stopped soon.

    NSA unaware of the extent of Snowden's leaks

    It has been nearly two and a half months since Edward Snowden leaked crucial information on the National Security Agency's mass surveillance program. According to reports, the NSA is still unsure o...
  • The same things are happening in Iraq,Afghanistan,Libya,e.t.c, All Countries that the {Peaceful americans} have destroyed using 9/11 as they,re excuse & claiming to want to rid the World of terrorism,Then we hear that obama is supporting the terrorists who are destroying Syria,The same terrorists who obama says is the reason he,s bombing Afghanistan, Pakistan,yemen,e,t.c to get rid of, Why does,nt obama & his zionist leaders just go & piss on the graves of every person who died on 9/11.

    LIVE BLAST: Twin Damascus explosions caught on Syrian TV

    • by RT
    • 10 months ago
    Syrian state television footage shows the moment two car bombs exploded near the broadcaster's headquarters in Damascus on Sunday. Hussam Shoaib, who state TV described as a political analyst, is s...
  • Well its about fucking time the people in the jewnited states woke up,Ask yourselfs this question, Who has benifitted most from the attacks on 9/11,The "Land of the free is now a Country who,s citizens are spied on by they,re own government,If mentally unstable troops are murdering innocent civilians in foreign lands & a decent soldier speaks out about this knowing what they,re doing is wrong the decent person is sent to jail while the murderers walk away free, (Bradley Manning),

    WW3 - in America Military Coup Now Americans rising up

    Here is a LINK to MY WEB SITE FRIENDS http://www.davidvose.com

    Will it be WW3? Our government has been under a military coup rushing toward WW3. In october the military coup began and we are unde...
  • The most terrifing thing about this is the fact that satanyahu is obama,s boss, obama takes his orders from israel & from other lunitics like satanyahu,This clown must have got on brilliantly with bush,Two psychopathic warmongers who.ll gladly lie & send u.s troops to murder hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in Iraq & other parts of the Middle east,Thousands of u.s troops died in Iraq because of the lies bush told & he has a party with his buddies & jokes about Saddams alleged W.M.D.S.

    Denims Put-Down: Iranians taunt Netanyahu over jeans blunder

    • by RT
    • 10 months ago
    The Israeli Prime Minister has unwittingly turned a public relations onslaught to win over the Iranian public, into something of a farce. It's the first time he's tried speaking directly to the peo...
  • If it was,nt for the fact that satanyahu & his psychotic zionist buddies ran the jewnited states & gave orders to obama & every other u.s politician who claims to love they.re Country while sitting back & doing nothing while satanyahu & his zionist buddies completly destroy everything that was great about the u.s no members of the U.N would waste any time listening to anything this deranged sick bastard satanyahu had to say, How can israel send u.s troops to die & continue to get away with it?

    Netanyahu on Iranian President: 'Rohani is a wolf in sheep's clothing'

    While the US government partially shut down on Tuesday, in New York City Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made his case on why the US should deal with the newly elected president of Iran c...
  • As long as satanyahu has obama by the balls & orders obama what to do & when to do it nothing will change, I find it so funny that americans claim not to be dumbed down while the u.s military fights one war after another for they,re masters in israel while israeli troops sit at home & piss themselfs laughing at the stupidity of u.s troops who are fooled into believing there fighting for the u.s,Now obama funds Alqaeda in Syria, Did,nt bush blame Alqaeda for 9/11?

    'UN inspectors ignore evidence on Syria chemical attacks' - Russian deputy FM

    • by RT
    • 11 months ago
    Russia says it will provide the UN Security Council with evidence allegedly implicating Syrian rebel forces in last month's deadly chemical attack outside Damascus. The Syrian government had alread...
  • Look the FACTS are that the u.s lied about Iraq,They sent a gang of trigger happy dumbed down hillbillies to murder almost a million innocent Iraqi Men Women & Children who,s only crime was being born in an oil rich Country,Babies are being born with terrible deformities because of weapons used by the u.s,The scum in the jewnited states government can dress it up however they want but the World knows that the u.s is full of war mongers,The people in the u.s know this but are ashamed to admit it.

    CrossTalk: Playing Syrian Poker

    • by RT
    • 11 months ago
    Is the US actually invested in negotiating the Syrian regime or merely in pursuing geopolitical interests? Are the regional actors interested in aiding the Syrian people? Is Russia's initiative on ...
  • If the people living in the jewnited states cant figure 0ut by now that obama does,nt care about the u.s people or the u.s military they must be asleep,Did he care about the famillies of the 3000 innocent people who lost loved one,s on 9/11 or the thousands of u.s troops who died at the hands of Alqaeda when he decided to fund Alqaeda in Syria?Did he care about making the u.s look very foolish by claiming to be the "Land of the free"While the u.s government spied on its own people? Pls Wake up.

    Escobar: Obama wants to take credit for Syria chem weapons plan

    • by RT
    • 11 months ago
    Officials from countries on the UN Security Council are meeting for consultations, ahead of the main debate in New York. World leaders have applauded the Syrian chemical disarmament deal, agreed on...
  • I feel so sorry for the people who lost loved one,s on 9/11 & over the past couple of years have had to watch obama rewarding the group who carried the attacks on 9/11by sending them money & Arms in Syria,How many u.s troops have Alqaeda killed? Its time u.s troops started to fight for the u.s & not the criminally slime who have overtaken America,The "Land of the free" is now a place were people are constantly spied on,The one Country i tought this would never be alowed to happen in was the U.S.

    Obama backs Russia's chemical handover proposal, may shelve Syria strike

    • by RT
    • 11 months ago
    President Obama is willing to "absolutely" put on pause a military strike on Syria if Bashar Assad accepts Russia's proposal to hand over control of the country's chemical weapons to the internatio...
  • The u.s Military always claim that they,re fighting for they,re Country & the freedoms people living in the u.s enjoy,Well i think its time for the u.s Military to fight for they,re Country,Not for obama,s lies,Not because it suits israel,But because the u.s who was known all over the planet as the "Land of the free" Has been hijacked by psychotic thugs who now spy on every American civilian,I feel so sorry for people who lost loved one,s on 9/11 & now see obama rewarding the group who did 9/11.

    Russia & China Step Up Warnings Over Possible Military Strike On Syria - Cavuto

    Russia & China Step Up Warnings Over Possible Military Strike On Syria - Cavuto
  • Ok you know more about the middle east than i do,But i changes nothing,I said that the Iranians have not STARTED a war in hundreds of years, This is fact,Im not saying that the Iranian Government is full of peace loving people but would you say the u.s government is full of peace loving people? How many wars have the "Dangerous Iranians" Started in the past 100 years? Now tell me how many wars the "peaceful americans" Have started in the past 100 years, The u.s is run by terrorist,s.

    Is the US going to attack Iran?

    Is the United States planning to bomb Iran? A British newspaper has reported the United States is shipping bombs to the British island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean to possibly do just that. ...
  • Are you serious? Do you know that obama supports a dictator in Saudi Arabia who brutalises his people? Do you know obama is supporting Alqaeda in Syria? How would you feel if you lost a member of your family on 9/11 & now had to watch obama rewarding the group who carried out the attacks? The "Land of the free" is now a Country where the government spies on everyone, If the u.s attacks & murders thousands of innocent Syrians it,ll just prove that u.s troops are bloodthirsty psychotic murderers.

    CrossTalk: Destroying Syria

    • by RT
    • 11 months ago
    What would be the implications be of Western intervention in Syria? What is the way to end the Syrian stalemate? And are Western policies toward Syria and Iraq that much different? CrossTalking wit...
  • I know a lot of people from the u.s will go crazy because of what im going to say but the truth is this, obama has destroyed the u.s,The "Land of the free" is now a place were everyone is spied on, The famillies & friends who lost loved one,s on 9/11 have to watch obama rewarding the group who carried out the attacks,Alqaeda also killed thousands of u.s troops, So if u.s troops attack Syria all they,ll be doing is proving to the World that they,re nothing but blood thirsty murdering scumbags.

    Military ready to act in Syria if Obama says go

    • by CNN
    • 11 months ago
    The U.S. military is ready to act in Syria if or when Obama gives the go ahead. CNN's Barabara Starr reports.
  • I have to admit, I strongly critized the American people for supporting bush when he went to bomb Iraq,But i must give these people the credit they deserve for standing up to the warmongers in the whitehouse, How can obama call any president a dictator while he spies on his own people? If a member of the u.s military see,s something that he knows is wrong & something the u.s should,nt be doing he cant say a thing because of what obama did to Manning & is trying to do to Snowden & Assange..

    Americans oppose war on Syria - Hands off Syria Protest-Chicago-29 Aug 2013 opinions

    Chicago | USA | 29-Aug-2013
    Hands off Syria Protest against the
    American War on Syria.
    This New declaration for War on Syria was started after the alleged chemical attack on Eastern Gouta, in Dam...
  • Is this the "Freedom" u.s troops lost they,re lives fighting for in Iraq? Im so happy to see that the people living in the u.s are seeing they,re corrupt evil leaders for the bloodthirsty warmongers that they are,How can obama critize any other president when he spies on his own people,Threathens anyone who dares to speak about the dispicable things he,s doing in the u.s like he did with Manning,Snowden,Assange, People living in the u.s, Take you,re Country back from these disgusting paracites.

    Protesters dragged out of Senate hearing on Syria

    Video courtesy: @untoldcarlisle

    Activists who protested President Obama's plan to launch a military strike against Syria were dragged out of the Senate hearing on Tuesday after vocally opposing st...
  • Is,nt it amazing how quickly slime like obama & bush convienetly forget the terrible crimes carried out at the hands of u.s troops in Afghanistan & Iraq when they go on their warmongering speeches, obama was telling the World how terrible it was that poor inocent Children died in Syria,Typically he forgot to mention the thousands of Iraqi babies who were murdered by the u.s in Iraq & the babies who still to this day are born with sickening deformities because of chemicles used by the u.s..

    Obama on Syria vs. Bush on Iraq

    Nobel Peace Prize recipient, President Obama, is calling for military action in Syria. This is the same former senator who voted against the war in Iraq. Now, Obama is pursuing military interventio...
  • The jews go on & on about how they,re only taking back the land that rightly belongs to them,They want the whole World to to believe that God wants them to have this land, Last night God arrived at my home & told me that he wanted the Native Indians to take they,re land back from the Americans who stole it, Now does anyone believe that the jews will demand that they,re puppets in the u.s government must give the land back to the natives? Satanyahu tells obama to jump & obama ask,s how high sir.

    Michael Scheuer - "Israel Is Spying On The U.S., Stealing Technology & Bribing Congress"

    • by Tressco
    • 2 years ago
    ***ORIGINAL UPLOAD BY MOXNEWSd0tCOM*** Permission to repost granted.

    September 07, 2011 News Corp
  • Im sure the true reason the u.s government was so annoyed about what Manning did was because it showed the Whole World just how trigger happy & evil u.s troops truly are,It proved to the World that when bush claimed his troops were there to "Help" the Iraqi,s he was lying again,Just like he lied about Saddam,s phantom W.M.D,s, The facts are there for everyone to see, bush lied & sent a gang of deranged murderers to steal Iraqi oil,They used chemicles causing deformities in tiny babies.Pure evil.

    Bradley Manning apologizes to court for 'unintended consequences' of his actions

    Private first class Bradley Manning's sentencing sessions continued on Wednesday in Fort Meade, Maryland. The soldier is convicted of one of the largest information leaks in US history and he final...
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