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Matthew Gaulden

EZRA's Rolling Ball Machine

1,351 views 8 months ago
This Rolling Ball Sculpture is made especially for EZRA. :D

25" wide x 24" tall x 18" deep.
FOUR different tracks! It uses 1" colorful glass marbles.
100% - 304 Stainless Steel.
Flat steel plate has a "mirror" finish - which is why it is so shiny and reflective - not dull.

Take the marbles from the bottom and place on one of the 4 track starts at the top - then watch them go! All of the 4 tracks merge back together at the bottom so pickup is easy. No matter which track you choose at the top, they all end at the same place.

1. Tall Skinny Spiral - 14" tall!

2. Tall vertical Zig-Zag - 19" tall!

3. Loop d' Loops with 6 inversions - and an inverted, backspin exit.

4. "Long" track, with about 24 feet of track, including: A ball collector that is adjustable so that it releases one, two or three marbles by changing how many marbles are in the counterweight basket, a flat spiral, a spinner, and a large flat steel plate that allows the marbles to spin around freely as they crash into each other. Show less
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