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Brian White

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Jades autonomic system reboot! Play

My wife Jade had a stroke just over 4 years ago and since then they have not given her a complete diagnosis of what she is suffering from. The treatment is painkillers and "learn to live with it". Many symptoms are similar to MS symptoms and she seems to be getting rapidly weaker so we went to California to have her Autonomic system rebooted. This is part of her story.

Pallet gardening, works great! Lets test it worldwide! Play

This is a very new and very different way to make a sustainable pallet garden! It began on August 11th 2012. Please check it out and have a go yourself. How to make raised pallet gardens with automatic watering, water recycling, vertical gardening, compost and compost tea all integrated into the mini garden!

A great way to garden under trees (which provide shelter but also suck all the water from the soil!) or on pavement. Also a great way to reuse pallets (Always use ones with HT printed on them) It just means they are sterilised by heat treatment not chemicals.
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