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Nuclear Free Planet Play

Nuclear Power, Weaponry and Waste that spread radioactivity devastating for billions of years, combined with the corporate-driven global permanent war economy, threatens the survival not only of our species, but of the entire biosphere and the planet itself. We depict those working to stop and contain the ongoing nuclear threat from weapons and waste."

'Smart' Meters - Dumb Idea Play

Reports on the PG&E plan to electro-magnetic pollution-emitting so-called 'smart' meters in every service location despite mounting public alarm about their dangerous human health effects.

Electro-Magnetic Health Protection Play

Public Health, Democracy and the 'Wireless Revolution'
Electro-Magnetic Radiation (EMR) pollution, or electro-smog, has changed the entire planetary environment since 1940 to one totally different from what our cells and all terrestrial lifeforms have evolved in for millennia. It is no exaggeration to say that mounting scientific evidence increasingly shows that the global communications industry has literally turned our biosphere into an alien and potentially genocidal, ecocidal environment affecting all from soil microbes to humans. Our videos give an overview of the issue and the science and show those working for just and prudent policies for electromagnetic health protection.
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