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  • 1st of all - That is true.

    2nd - You just wrote that because everyone was teasing you.

    3rd - This is from Oshir -

    Your butt looks like this video.

    And that was not a compliment. You think this would get thousands of views? Never. It wouldn't. I just knew it.

    4th - This is from me, Pratham. Oshir is going to post his part of the comment from his account as well.

    the cricket attax by amey pasari

    apasari20000's webcam video July 2, 2011 09:56 AM
  • if u guys wanna play snake and egg game, press the left arrow key and the up arrow key at the same time 2 times. u will see many dots in a row which u can control with ur arrow key and that's the snake. somewhere in the screen u will see a blinking dot which is the egg. So just enjoy playing!

    By the way, it works with any video. Have fun.

    How To Make A Paper Gun That Shoots without blowing (With a Trigger)

    This is a how to video I made teaching you how to make a paper gun one with a trigger / or trigger like thing :P.

    I hope you enjoy this paper gun, and it shoots as well as it did for me.

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