National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA)

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National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA)

NNSA Highlights Nonproliferation Achievements, 2009-2013

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In the four years since President Obama laid out his nuclear security vision in Prague, NNSA and our international partners have led a global effort to reduce the threat of nuclear terrorism by securing, consolidating and eliminating hundreds of kilograms of weapons-usable material.

Numerous shipments and removals, carefully coordinated here in the U.S. and abroad, have been, and continue to be, a vital part of ensuring terrorists never acquire the material necessary for an improvised nuclear explosive device.

As of April 2013, NNSA's Global Threat Reduction Initiative has removed all highly enriched uranium from 10 countries since the President's Prague speech -- a cumulative total of 23 since the program's inception. We are on schedule to remove all remaining HEU from three more countries before the end of 2013. Show less
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Supercomputers Play

As part of NNSA's mission to extend the lifetime of nuclear weapons in the stockpile, the ASC program provides NNSA with leading edge, high-end simulation capabilities. The ASC program helps NNSA meet nuclear weapons assessment and certification requirements, including: weapon codes, weapon science, computing platforms and supporting infrastructure.

NNSA's three national laboratories house four of the world's fastest supercomputers: the BlueGene/L at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, the Red Storm at Sandia National Laboratories, and Roadrunner and Cielo at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

To learn more, visit http://nnsa.energy.gov/ASC
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