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Don Georgevich

What to say at the end of a job interview - How to end a job interview

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This is what you want to say at the end of a job interview. These are the questions you should ask your interviewer at the end of a job interview. You want to ask them.

What do you say at the end of your job interview?

Is it okay to ask for the job?

The short answer:

At least not on the first interview
I s there any reason you would not hire me?

Bad idea -- That's way too aggressive.

Remember, they just met you -- they are not ready to commit to you.
A better way to end your interview is to ask the following questions:

When do you expect to make a hiring decision?

And then based on what they say ....
ask if they mind if you follow-up with them.

This will give you permission to call them.

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