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Mark Bailey

Custom Guitar Design Session

3,103 views 2 years ago
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Custom Guitar Design Session
Rohan contacted us originally about a custom version of the Bailey Bandsman and as I'd be building it from scratch I suggested he came to visit for a one to one design session.

Once he realised I could make him just about anything he changed his spec completely (which is normal) and he'd already done quite a bit of drawing before he got here (which is not). He lives in Cambridgeshire and by the time he arrived at the workshop he had lots of ideas and questions. Together we discussed all those and, by the end of the session had completed a full-scale working drawing.

This process enables us both to work out what is practical, and possible within budget. Much of guitar making is about making the right choices for the individual player. My job is to ensure the end result will be a guitar which is exactly as the person wants it to be.

When the session is over there may well be some things to think about and more decisions to make, but working through the process of making a working drawing helps to make everything a lot clearer to both of us, and I have a drawing with all the key info on it to refer to throughout the build.

We don't usually film, but it seemed like a good way to show what the custom design session is about. If you are not able to visit don't worry, I can get all the information I need using emails and pictures.

If you have wanted to design your own guitar or have one made for you, but don't know where to start, contact Bailey Guitars- that's what we do.


You can watch Rohan's guitar take shape on my blog:
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