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Blood sports in Ireland and the humane alternatives Play

Ireland's cruel blood sports exposed. Also included in this video are presentations showing the humane alternatives of drag hunting and drag coursing. The Irish Council Against Blood Sports is calling on the government to ban coursing and all forms of hunting animals with packs of dogs.

Coursing Cruelty 2013 Play

Videos showing the cruelty of hare coursing in Ireland. Coursing is illegal in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland but the government in the Republic of Ireland is intent on protecting those involved in this disgusting practice. Please Email "Ban Hare Coursing in Ireland" to Find out more at

Coursing Cruelty 2012 Play

Irish Council Against Blood Sports-filmed footage showing hares being terrorised, hit and mauled by greyhounds at Irish coursing meetings. Join our campaign against this cruelty - click on "Campaigns" at

Drag coursing around the world Play

Videos showing drag coursing in operation

Badgers Play

Videos of badgers. Despite being a 'protected Species' in Ireland, badgers remain one of the most persecuted creatures with nearly 100,000 snared and killed to-date by the Department of Agriculture as part of a failed and discredited "TB Eradication Scheme".

Please sign our petition:
Ireland: Stop badger snaring cruelty NOW­ister-simon-coveney-stop-badger-snaring-cruelty-now
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