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Nal_rA's Oldboy Play

Much similar to MBC's beloved Hyungjoon series, OGN has decided to launch it's own rendition of a famous celebrity in his journey to become a progamer. However, rather than picking out a random pop culture celebrity, OGN has chosen it's own Kang Min, everyone's favorite Dreamer Toss.

Ep. 1 Summary - Nal_rA has announced his quest to become a progamer once again and make the OSL! However, OGN producers show a replay of his to current progamers who are quick to criticize his play and give him little to no shot at making a Starleague. Will Nal_rA be able to overcome this hurdle and accomplish what top tier progamers believe he cannot do? Find out!

So follow Nal_rA along on his quest to break into the OSL once again!

This series will consist of multiple episodes. Don't know how many episodes it'll last though. I'll keep this OP updated.


Translator: mrmin123
Timers: Roffles, Xech, scintilliaSD
Editor: Roffles, scintilliaSD
Encoder: T.O.P.

Strategic FPVOD commentary Play

This is a collection of commentated first person videos (FPVODs) that explain basic game mechanics, build orders, timings, strategy, and map specifics.

Contributing to this series:
- Chill, Teamliquid's strategy forum moderator (Zerg).
- NonY, progamer at team eSTRO (Protoss)
- Oystein, B level player from Norway (Protoss)
- ret, WCG representative for the Netherlands (Terran)
- meRz, B level player from Sweden (Terran)
- Stylish, B level player from Sweden (Terran)
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