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Bull Buggies... Outback Cattle Mustering Kimberley Style, Australia

9,272 views 4 months ago
Meet the characters of Outback Kimberley, Western Australia including "Stanley the Man... he's lookin' a bit wild and bushy but that's him". Then there's the "Mad Max" vehicle aka Bull Buggie, an offroader that goes where no Toyota goes...

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The idea is simple... Many Breaths, One Instrument.

In this playlist you can hear the different international flavours of the didgeridoo, from home-grown Australian talent to some of the best international exponents of the instrument - all playing the same instrument.

The Blue Bamboo is an old 1950s didgeridoo made from bamboo, plainly decorated with a coat of red ochre, and then over-painted with either blue house paint or Ricketts Blue. The inside of the instrument is similarly painted.

It originates from the north-west portion of the Northern Territory, Australia, where Bambusa arnhemica is endemic and where didgeridoos were traditionally made from this species. There is old hardened sugarbag beeswax on the mouthpiece with more recent reinforcements.

Mouthpiece opening is about 33 mm diameter of roughly circular shape, sugarbag addition by recent players has made it closer to 30 mm. Bell end diameter is 9 cm. The total length of the Blue Bamboo is 129 cm and it tips the scales at a lightweight 1.5 kg. Fundamental key F; 1st overtone note G.

15 players of different styles are currently showcased in this playlist.
Larry is the son of the great Djalu Gurruwiwi. He is a keen Aussie-rules footballer, accomplished and powerful didgeridoo player, and a family man. Married with 3 children, he enjoys keeping physically active and sometimes accompanies his father on didgeridoo harvesting trips.
  • The Didgeridoo | Larry Gurruwiwi

    • 7 years ago
    Didgeridoo expertise as demonstrated by Larry Gurruwiwi.

    'Circular breathing' enables a didgeridoo player to breathe through his nose while expelling air through his mouth. In theory, this means t...
  • Australian Aboriginal didgeridoo player | Darryl Brown

    • 7 years ago
    This is a rare opportunity to hear an old didgeridoo played by one of today's masters. The didgerido in question is a bamboo specimen circa. 1950s vintage from the Daly River region, NT.

    This didg...
  • Didgeridoo Dubstep | Raymond Ashley

    • 4 years ago
    Didgeridoo dubstep by Raymond Ashley. Raymond is a superb practitioner of the didgeridoo. He has international performance experience and has also been recorded in the studio for commercial release...
  • Mago-a-go-go

    • 7 years ago
    A mago is basically a type of didgeridoo from Western Arnhem Land, an Aboriginal reserve in the Northern Territory of Australia. This particular instrument is made from the termite-hollowed trunk o...
  • Special didgeridoo Baywara Power made by Djalu Gurruwiwi played by son Larry

    • 7 years ago
    Legend has it that when Djalu cut this yirdaki he was struck by lightning in the knee and required hospitalisation. When the instrument was completed, the old women would cry whenever they heard th...
  • David Gulpilil, Walkabout, 1971 classic by Nicolas Roeg

    • 7 years ago
    Very few films achieve a kind of subliminal greatness with cross-cultural impact, but Walkabout is one of those films--a visual tone poem that functions more as an allegory than a conventionally pl...
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