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A Must Do for Home Repairs: Check for Wildlife!

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This is a sad, yet important reminder about the need to check for wildlife before doing any repairs on a home or business. It also shows the powerful nature of a raccoon mother's maternal bond with her young.

A homeowner contacted Humane Wildlife Services ten days after repairing a hole in his roof. Every night since the repairs, a raccoon tried feverishly to tear into the home. After hearing cries in his ceiling, the homeowner realized the raccoon mom was trying to reach her babies and gave us a call.

In Washington, DC, there are no licensed rehabilitation facilities that can accept raccoons. Once, we cut the babies out of the ceiling, their only chance of survival was to reunite them with their mom. Just like every night before, she returned for her young. Unfortunately, the long period of separation was just too much for them and they died. Our cameras captured the heartwrenching reunion.

What you can do:
Always check for wildlife before doing any home or business repairs, tree removal and yard work.
If you have a wildlife intrusion during the Spring and Summer months assume that there are babies or dependent young inside.

For more info on how to humanely keep wildlife out of your home, visit: http://www.humanesociety.or... Show less
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