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Elephant Larry

Apple Power Adapters Are TOO BIG

34,913 views 5 months ago
They can't make them ANY smaller?

Director: Geoff Haggerty
Written and Produced by: Elephant Larry
Elephant Larry is: Geoff Haggerty + Stefan Lawrence - Chris Principe x Jeff Solomon รท Alex Zalben
Director Of Photography: Lane Savage
Edited by: Joanna Naugle
Art Director: Mary Burke
Sound: Kurt Seery
Sound Editing: Matt Tenero
Special Thanks To: Chris O'Connor Show less
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EL presents The WOW Play

The WOW is a parody of those info-tainment shows like AMC's First Look, The Twenty, and all those horrible programs that you have to sit through in the theater before the movie.

Elephant Larry presents Con Air Play

We wrote an entire sketch show about the best movie ever made. Here are some videos from that sketch show.
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