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Littlest Pet Shop Videos ✿

LPS: Popular Play

At Orange County Day, the prestigious high school of Orange County, drama is typical and couture is necessary. Brooke Hayes and the rest of the Barbie Dolls rule the scene, and nobody messes with them... until now.

Littlest Pet Shop: Idol Play

Every Littlest Pet Shop has a dream, and for some it is to sing. Join your host, Ryan Seacrab, as he travels to Hawaii to seek out the most talented LPS in LPS world.

LPS: The Summer Camp [REMAKE] Play

Kyra, a good-natured kitten from a poor family and Tiffany, a spoiled kitten from a wealthy family are going to the same summer camp. Will the unlikely pair become friends, or will things turn nasty? Things start out innocent, but it's never a good sign when noises are heard outside at night...

CSI: LPS (Season 2) Play

Just because it's the second season, doesn't mean things are going to be any less suspenseful... or dangerous.
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