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Sierra smith

  • why r ppl so anxious 2 read a text mesaage tht they will risk there own lives?? thats retarted

    One Second: Texting and Driving Short film - Canon 550d

    Aloha Internet! Thanks for watching my video, I would like to thank everyone from the great feedback that I've already received for my short film. I really do appreciate it, and I whole heartedly e...
  • i'm only 18 2 young 2 die

    Texting and Driving Awareness

    Thanks for watching my video! Follow me and tweet me your feedback! @ParrisWilliams
    I would love to hear from you :)

    Make sure you subscribe to my channel and spread the word about my videos! ...
  • and i do drive i am putting my phone on silent like shit

    This may change your life

    kids and people that are very sensitive shouldn't watch it as it might be disturbin
  • people are so cruel and mean this is a shame i really wish bullying would stop because nobody deserves to be treated this way i don't care what you look like or what u seem to be its just mean it makes me cry.


    Join our community on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/bullymovie

    This year, over 13 million American kids will be bullied, making it the most common form of violence young people in the U.S. e...
  • i am so blessed to have parents who care about me thismakes me cry :(


    This video was created by a 16 year old girl who was in an abusive situation for a long time. She wanted to make a difference for others. If you witness or are told about a child being abused pleas...
  • low life's. And that girl with the curly hair was fat so idk why she talkin just sayin

    Cyberbullying PSA

  • haters make me crack up cuz like really they make accounts about the ppl they hate. And they hate on someone they've never met which makes no sense and they also are wastin there own time makin a hate channel bout somebody they hatee and like no one really cares....

    all selena gomez haters should watch this!

    Selena Gomez is ugly ? Look at the mirror and i'll tell you who is ugly. ;) *forgot to put this in the video*
    selena is a human, she has feelings just like you&always remember jealousy isn't a rea...
  • wht i dont get if u hate her why u makin a vid bout her like tht obviously means u dont hate her that much cuz u made a vid bout her ur pretty much wastin ur own time since u just pointed out tht u hated her ...... and u made an account about her u made everything on ur channel about her........ well u sure do hate her :) have a good life hatin on ppl u dont know and making accounts about people u hate wasting ur own damn time.

    Why I HATE Selena Gomez!!! Top 10 reasons!!!

    I don't own the song!!! I HATE SELENA GOMEZ!!!! SUBSCIRBE!!!!
  • ppl are stupid these days if u dont like a celebrity then dont make vids about them like honestly u dont hate them tht much since ur wasting ur time making a vid bout them or an account about them like honestly yall are just wastin ur time cuz nobody really cares........ just wanted to point that out bye now :) have a good life

    Why Miley is better than Selena

    This is my video with the reasons of why i think that Miley Cyrus is better than Selena Gomez..... :D OK PEOPLE GET PREPARE, I WILL MAKE A NEW VIDEO LIKE THIS!!! MY TWITTER: https://twitter.com/#!/...
  • it makes me sad :(

    Montage to the Old Disney Channel Shows

    back in 1997-2007, dithe awesome kids channels ever. but now disney channel replaced the awesomesney channel is one of ld shows to unfunny shows like ant farm, and more. but i like phineas and fer...
  • coco is so pretty

    Let It Shine - Disney Channel Original Movie (Official Trailer)

    Tyler James Williams, of "Everybody Hates Chris" fame, stars as a talented, yet insecure, aspiring songwriter/rapper whose best friend ends up getting the credit and glory for a song that he wrote ...
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