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What's in a Word Contest

408 views 11 months ago
Contest Rules
There are two ways to enter:
1) Submit a word or short phrase (3 or 4 words max) to the Discussion tab on the RadXSports Channel. The word should be an appropriate theme for our extreme and action sports video content. This is the link:

2) Send a Video Reply to this video. If we accept your Reply, you win. Again, the Reply should be appropriate to the theme of this channel.

How to Win-
We will select the winning word or phrase entries at our sole discretion. This is a subjective determination based on appropriateness of the entry and our desire to make a video based on the suggested them.

We will select Reply Videos based on appropriateness of the content and quality of the production. Again, these are subjective criteria.

All that said, we want to give away the T-shirts.

If you win-
We will notify you via YouTube messaging, You choose the color (white or black) and size of the t-shirt (S.M.L,XL). You also have to provide a valid shipping address. We will ship worldwide.

Winning Video Reply entries ill be added to the contest Playlist on the RadXSports Channel. Winners will be announced on our Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Be the first on your block to own a RadXSports t-shirt. Then, fet your friends know about the contest.

End of the Contest
Contest will continue until the links at the end of the video are deactivated. There will be no additional notice.

You don't have to subscribe, like, comment or do anything except contact us as indicated above in order to enter or win. We sure would appreciate it though.

Have fun!

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