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Evelyn W. Garcia

  • This review shows why the S3 is the better purchase. The best thing is that the S3 is a complete money saver since you do not have to buy other gadgets like the PSVITA, an ipod, storage devices etc. You can also squeeze more battery life from it very easily. I also recently learnt that Amazon Wireless(>>j.mp\HA9MMM<<) is selling then at a CHEAPER price i.e. $50 discount on preorder, customisation process that saves fortunes, cheaper contracts etc. Am so happy i went for this S3!!!!


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    One X Vs S2 Vs Note Vs iPHONE 4s Vs Sensation XL Browsing Comparison Link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQCgJHPRYEQ
  • The S3 is definitely the best all round smartphone in recent history. For starters, it is just stunning to behold. The display makes internet surfing, video, working, game play etc so much more interesting. Amazon wireless is also offering a very good deal at [[>>j.mp\HA9MMM<<] They are giving $50 price cuts on preorder, fortune saving customisation, etc. This is a death nail to the 4S and others. Cant wait to get my hands on it!!!

    Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT-I9300) Review

    A video review of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

    For more informaiton visit:

    Who are Clove Technology?
    Clove Technology is a UK based mobile technology speciali...
  • It seems that amazon wireless is a new third party coz its not that well known. It also seems to be working for the Americans only. They also seems to have agreed with Samsung to destroy the competition with all the free discounts and incentives gotten at your link, bit.ly\FOfflY. iPhone 4S does not stand a chance!!!! Thanks Kevin

    Samsung Galaxy S3 Unboxing

    So here it is!! the Samsung Galaxy S3 ....

    Get your own Galaxy S3 Cheap here (UK) - http://amzn.to/RYcKBQ
    Get your own Galaxy S3 Cheap here (USA) - http://amzn.to/Vvyllm

    Check out Amazon via Sam'...
  • Amazon is not selling them for an extreme bargain but they have many customisation options that allow anyone to save a few hundred very easily. You will also get the best because you only go for features that you use. Unlike other cellphones(like the 4S) and vendors. The FREE SHIPPING will also help in saving a few dollars without having to worry about getting scammed. BTW thanks kenny for the Amazon wireless (>bit.ly\FOfflY<) info!!!

    Samsung S3 unboxing (non proffesional version)

    Unboxing of the Samsung Galaxy S3
  • I'll soon be unboxing mine because of your input misti. I have been looking for a place to get one of these without having to contend with scammers, back orders, overpricing etc. Who knew that amazon wireless was the place to go!!! I second your link >bit.ly\FOfflY < and thumbs up to the S3!!!!

    Samsung Galaxy S3 Unboxing UK

    Unboxing the Samsung Galaxy S3

    - 1.4 GHZ Quad Processor
    - 1GB RAM
    - 16GB Memory
    - 8MP CAM front and 1.9MP front Cam with 20-shot burst mode
    - Android 4.0.4 with exclusive apps
    - weighs ...
  • This Gamer chick is in trouble. I have been thinking of getting one of these consoles and i even found a vendor that has only two left. They are letting me bid for them at a fraction of the price making it a deal that's almost too good. I am very divided. Should i get it? The bids are time limited. Here is the webpage >>> j.mp\HL59pS <<< constructive comments only.

    Playstation Vita UI Tour

    Playstation Vita UI Tour

    While the world waits for the PlayStation Vita to officially hit retail shelves, we've decided to do a few videos to cover Sony's newest handheld. The TechnoBuffalo staf...
  • I have been thinking of getting one of these and i finally found a vendor that allows me to get one for a fraction of the price. It seems like a good deal.... almost too good. I am really divided. Should i get it? The offer is ending in a few hours and i need to to decide now. Here is the link. Is it worth it? >>> j.mp\HL59pS :)

    On The Spot - PlayStation Vita Super Show

    We'll be showing off the PlayStation Vita titles MLB 12: The Show, ModNation Racers: Road Trip, Mortal Kombat, Sumioni, and Unit 13.
    Skip Around!
    01:01 Unit 13 Demo
    12:16 Mortal Kombat Demo
  • These guys are practically giving away BRAND NEW iPads. All you have to do is bid for one. So cool. I am planning to get an iPad myself. The best thing is that they are completely trusted and well known. CHECK IT OUT NOW====>>>bit.ly\gadgetsgalore <<<<<

    Review: The New iPad (2012)

    Audible: http://goo.gl/DeOyk

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    iPhone: http://goo.gl/LSSIa
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  • I should get a SPANKING NEW from bid rivals. They allow you to get brand NEW gadgets at up to 90% DISCOUNT plus FREE COUPONS depending on the day and bidding frequency!!! Check them out here NOW =>>>>>>>bit.ly\gadgetsgalore <<<<<= THUMBS UP IF YOU AGREE!!!

    My Thoughts on The New iPad After 3 Days

    These are my thoughts on the new iPad 3 after using it for three days.
    Earn totally free money here - http://featu.re/MRTHAIBOX

    Room Tour Video Here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hnayr3-1p4
  • I just love the S2. Everything about it is just so nice i.e. the user experience, the efficient connectivity, the camera, the battery life etc. I cannot wait to get mine from these guys, They are offering them at a super BARGAIN and adding in FREE´╗┐ shipping and PERIODIC discounts. Check them out NOW at >>>> bit.ly\FOfflY <<<<

    iPhone 4S vs. Samsung Galaxy S 2

    Detailed spec comparison & photos: http://bit.ly/ppv25y
    Full iPhone 4S review: http://bit.ly/tSkfdu
    Full Samsung Galaxy S II Review: http://bit.ly/lAHVY8

    The iPhone 4S (available on Verizon, A...
  • I just love this phone. I cannot wait to get mine from these guys, They are offering them at a super bargain and adding in free shipping and periodic discounts. Check them out at >>>> bit.ly\FOfflY <<<<

    Samsung Galaxy S2 vs LG Prada 3 Boot & Bench

    So i am putting a newer device against the King of Android ? Who will win!

    Help support my channel
    USA = http://full.sc/11EUztD
    UK = http://full.sc/15NgXOf

    US Based ? Check out Amazon Wireless a...
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