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  • Marshall Nelson - The Land of the Free

    Lyrics by Carie Ferg

    I'm sick of this government treadin' on my back
    I've bearing my own weight. And picking up slack
    Been working for a dollar since the age of 14
    Went to college, bought a hous...
  • Tonner 2012 0001

  • Thom D Royce Collins

      Site dedicated to the WorldWide Doll Collecting Community. Sharing Videos Collected and organized for easy Navigation. Welcoming ALL who would like to ADD Videos or POST Videos to their sites.
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    • Tonner Doll Company

      • 180 videos
      Tonner figures are the inspiration of designer Robert Tonner: collectable fashion, fantasy cinema, old Hollywood figures. Play our http://dollduels.com/ and chat dolls on Twitter #dollchat on Tues at
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    • Chelsea Teddy Bear Co. display case #3

      This case at the Chelsea Teddy Bear museum displays the original Smokey Bear, rare Gond teddy bears of the 1920's, '30's, and '40's, along with other American made toys from the early 1900's.
    • Chelsea Teddy Bear Co. display case #2

      This case at the Chelsea Teddy Bear museum displays mechanical windups from the 1860's company BIG.
    • Chelsea Teddy Bear Co. display case #1

      The Chelsea Teddy Bear Museum gives insight into the beginning of teddy bear history with a few of the first teddy bears ever made.
    • Chelsea Teddy Bear Production Area

      The Chelsea Teddy Bear company's Director of Operations Neal O'Brien tells viewers what the company specifically does and gives a brief tour of the company's production area in Chelsea Michigan.
    • IDEX 2012

      Joe Jones of Jones Publishing and Susan Fitzgerald of Madavor Media announce the merging of Doll Reader with DOLLS Magazine and Teddy Bear & Friends with Teddy Bear Review. Listen as Robert Tonner ...
    • 2011 Tonner doll convention

      This is a short clip from the 2011 Tonner doll convention featuring REVLON and the new REVLON Doll. Listen to some of Robert Tonner's speech and to why some people attend the convention!
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