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Jiyeon T-ARA (지연) - Never Ever 1분1초 (Areia Kpop Remix)

27,839 views 1 week ago
Portfolio Remix by Areia Creations Production Team http://www.areiacreations.com

Vocal Recording, Lyrics, Music Video Copyright©2014 Core Contents Media
Remix Arrangement Copyright©2014 Areia Creations Global Entertainment LTD (Areia Instrumental #146)

Arrangement and production by Jun Areia
Mixing & Mastering @ Areia Creations Global Entertainment Seoul, Korea

Areia Remix is a 100% fan-funded brand. Help us improve Areia Remix and in return gain actual profits from our original artists! Learn more http://www.patreon.com/arei...
Areia Creations is a global k-style entertainment company. We specialize in song productions and artist development. Join the wave!
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High quality, original k-pop music remixes by our team coming straight from Areia Creations studios in Korea including official remixes! EXO, Girls' Generation, 2NE1, Girl's Day, Kara, f(x), Crayon Pop, Shinee, Sistar, 4minute, Dlashabet, AOA, Afterschool, Rainbow, 2PM and many more...!
By our kpop arranging and remixing experts: Jun Areia, Trance Blossom, Sanchobeatz, i5cream, DOLCE&BOND, Gionata Caracciolo, DJ Amaya, Joshua Keddie, Phase Difference, Christopher Vassilakis, Vodge Diper.

Areia Instrumentals Play

Musical arrangements (instrumentals) that you can freely use for all non-commercial uses, including downloading, distribution, reproduction, songwriting, demo recordings, mashups, video logs etc.

areiacreations remains the sole copyright holder of this material and owns its exclusive commercial licence. Any use within your creation should be credited as "music by areiacreations.com for non-commercial use". If you are interested in commercial use or exclusive productions please contact us at: www.areiacreations.com

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In this series we will be picking two kpop songs and create two different mixes, each using the other kpop song's instrumental! Every KPOP Music Swap! comes with two videos so make sure to check the reverse swap mixes!
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