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Ground Zero With Clyde Lewis

Ground Zero at Wizard World Portland Comic Con 2014

2,808 views 5 months ago
The Ground Zero crew along with Dave Paull went to the 2nd Wizard World Portland Comic Con. This year we met with a lot of interesting Cosplayers, Artists, Writers, and Charities at the Con. In this special episode of Ground Zero: Disclosure we give you a look at all the great things that went down at the Con that may have been missed.

Special Thanks to all the great people who were a part of this production


Andrew Kafoury - No'Madd City of Empty Towers

Brandon Seifert - Witch Doctor


Charlie Donkin - http://www.facebook.com/cha...

Tony Santiago - http://www.tonysantiagoart.com

Eric Schwartz - Film Maker "The Void"

Costume Enthusiasts, Clubs, and Creators

Ares Armory - http://www.aresarmory.com

501st Cloud City Garrison and Rebel Legion Kashyyyk Base - http://www.starwarsoregon.com

Mandalorian Mercs Seron Clan - http://www.mandalorianmercs...

Sydney Waters - http://www.facebook.com/syd...

Brian Kidd AKA The Unipiper - http://www.theunipiper.com


Oliver & Terry Holler and The Michael J. Fox Foundation
http://www.tothefuture.org https://www.michaeljfox.org

Paul Walker Memorial and Reach Out WorldWide
https://www.roww.org Show less
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Ground Zero Lounge (2005-2009) Play

Clyde Lewis hosted the Ground Zero Lounge live at Dante's Inferno in Portland, Oregon from 2005 until his return to the terrestrial airwaves in 2009.

Prepare Your Ground Zero Play

Survival product demonstrations by Clyde Lewis and Michael Knight of the Portland Preparedness Center. Learn more at PrepareYourGroundZero.com

The Fat City Ghost Hunt - October 26, 2012 Play

With the help of local listeners, we continue our investigation into what -- or who -- may be trapped down in the cellar of a legendary local eatery. http://www.groundzeromedia.org/1026-ground-zero-live-at-fat-­city-cafe/ Tonight on a very special Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis broadcasts live from the Fat City Cafe in Portland, Oregon to venture down into the 'Chamber of Guf' to try and set these spirits free. We're even calling on NW Ghost Recon to help examine the tortured life and despondent death of film star Mayo Methot. Could it really the ghost of Humphrey Bogart's ex-wife that haunts the building? Can our team do anything about it? Join Ground Zero as we attempt to solve the mystery of the 'Marked Woman'!

KXL On Tour - June 4, 2013 Play

June 4, 2013 at The Bing Lounge in Portland, Oregon with Lars Larson, Clyde Lewis from Ground Zero, Dan Mitchinson and Lacey Evans from Portland's Afternoon News, Rebecca Marshall and Steve Leader from Portland's Morning News, and KXL Reporter Mike Turner.
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