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CHANGE IS COMING - Truthloader

19,883 views 1 week ago
Hey Truthloaders! If you're new, welcome. If you're already subscribed then you'll have noticed some new changes on the channel. We're bringing you content on specific days so you'll be able to know what you'll be getting and when you'll be getting it.

We're Grace and Padraig (pronounced Paw-drig). Grace will be bringing you videos every Wedneday and Padraig will be on Fridays!

Let us know what you think but we promise we'll still be covering what you need to know and specifically, what the mainstream media aren't telling you.

Watch this space. Stay tuned!

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Since the March 2011, Syria has been in an almost constant state of complex conflict.

We're following developments in Syria closely, so if you're interested in the story subscribe to our channel and you won't miss out.
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