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Laura Ricker

  • First time I have heard Obama stumble around and stutter.All you "Pro-Choice", idiots, you should attend an abortion for yourself.Then, choose to be burned to death, pulled apart, or crushed and tell me it don't hurt.Hey, let's keep abortion "SAFE" while we KILL Alot more babies!- SAY it- "B A B Y" Hurts, don't it ?I guess when the BABY comes out, looks like a human being, you should help clean up the blood and throw these little BODIES in the trash.Maybe you don't cry for them, but I DO

    Pro-Life Kid Asks Obama About Abortion

    It wasn't "above his paygrade" then....

    The classic pro-life argument is simple:

    1. It is wrong to intentionally kill an innocent human being. (Moral claim).
    2. Abortion intentionally kil...
  • I am half Finnish, half Native American, love these videos.There are similarities between Natives and Finnish such as the saunas, but Natives call them sweats.Trying to learn about Finland

    The first month in Helsinki as an exchange student

    • by cc4248
    • 5 years ago
    The first month in Helsinki as an exchange student
  • I am half Finnish, half Native American.Trying to learn all I can about Finland because I want to go there, one day.Thanks for video.

    Finland: Host family # 1: The Vakkanen's- part one

    Part 1/3 The Vakkanens
    Rotary High School Exchange.
    My adventure in Finland, the land of a thousand lakes!
    I will have 4 host families this year, I changed to my second host family on Oct. 31st. ...
  • I am half Native American, half Finnish, on my mother's side.I have certain characteristics such as a deeper voice from my mother, and some physical characteristics that are Finnish.I know alot about my Native heritage, but not much about Finnish.Trying to learn from videos-Thank You!

    First Day With My Finnish Host Family!!

    look at title. everything before this... i.e.- group activities and so forth, reference Pandamonium16 (^_^)/
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