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Uncultured Project

There Is No "Them" - Project For Awesome

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This is the story of Muslims, Christians, Hindus, and Jews -- along with those of many other faiths and those with no religion at all -- uniting to help those in need. Together we helped transform a community in need.

Where once children studied in the dirt -- they now have a school building. Where once students had no access to a sanitation -- now they have a school bathroom. Where once students had no access to clean water -- they now have a school tube well.

This was funded entirely by donations to:


No donations given to help the poor were used for administrative costs, marketing, or the creation of this film. This includes both on my end and with the Christian congregation that was helping to implement and use these donations.

Major construction of this school is set to be completed by January of 2013. If you'd like to stay up-to-date, the best way to do so is via Twitter and Instagram. This is because Bangladesh is currently blocking and censoring YouTube -- making uploads and interaction hard.

Tumblr: http://uncultured.tumblr.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/uncultured
Facebook: http://facebook.com/shawnahmed
Instagram: http://instagram.com/uncult...

This video was made by myself and Jory Caron. Check Out Jory here:

Jory's Tumblr: http://jorycaron.tumblr.com
Jory's Twitter: http://twitter.com/jory_caron
Jory's Facebook: http:/jorycaron.com/fb
Jory's Instagram: http://instagram.com/jory_c...

Learn more about the Bangladesh Government's ban on YouTube:


Special Thanks To:

Blumberg Segal LLP
( http://www.blumbergs.ca )

Elgato Systems LLC
( http://www.elgato.com )

( http://www.tiffen.com )

CrumplePop Software
( http://crumplepop.com )

RedGiant Software
( http://www.redgiantsoftware... )

( http://www.smallhd.com )

Zack Hemsey
(http://zackhemsey.com )

( http://www.microsoft.com )


Music provided by Zack Hemsey using the instrumental version of "Finding Home" remixed and recut by Jory Caron.

Video monetized as part of my continuing efforts to try and earn a living doing this. Show less
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